February 5, 2023 admin_flife

Move over Irish coffee

Like coffee and cream remained a conventional caffeine drink for decades, the Irish coffee which is a blend of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar has been the pioneer of liqueur-based coffee. But you will be glad to know that over the years with evolving beverage cultures, both coffee and cocktails have also changed. Mixologists are experimenting to give coffee and alcohol lovers more than the regular Irish fix.
It is interesting to know that many coffee shops in places such as Washington, California serve special craft cocktails. Though in India, it is still restricted to bars and fine-dining restaurants but one can find some exotic coffee cocktails there. So, what is it about coffee that makes it work well in cocktails? Coffee has a combination of good aromatics, fruit flavours, acidity, and bitter elements. And the best thing about coffee is that it holds itself well against any cocktail, be it vodka or even something as manipulative as absinthe or white rum.
Because of its incredible complexity, coffee, as an ingredient, offers a lot to a bartender. It gels well with sugarcane spirits as well as lends itself to pair with chocolate, star anise or vanilla. Even though the trend has started gaining popularity in recent years, but mixologists believe that as long as coffee has existed, people have been putting alcohol into it. In fact, the combinations of coffee and booze can be found in many cultures, from Sweden to Mexico.