February 5, 2023 admin_flife


Though there are many markets and fashion streets in Lucknow city, it is a foodie’s paradise because of the unique Awadhi cuisine. Also a shopper’s Eden Lucknow has many exquisite shopping spots. Without doubt Hazratganj or ganj bazaar is the best place for a premium shopping experience. Shopping or roaming there is affectionately called ganjing; the place is packed with showrooms, malls, outlets, restaurants, multiplexes and cinemas. It is as famous as the Connaught Place of Delhi. However, Hazratganj is not for bargain shoppers as it is the most luxurious market in Lucknow, but you can buy there all daily lifestyle items of very good quality. It is the best place to buy jewellery items, and all types of men’s, women’s and kids’ cloths; especially handmade embroidered kurtas/kurtis and saris of famous Chikan material. Sahara mall, Janpath and Halwasiya are all a part of Ganj.